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Saveetha College of Occupational Therapy had been re-established in the year 2017 under Saveetha Institute of Medical and Technical sciences, with an idea of imparting knowledge to the students to achieve the goal of promoting health and well-being of the patients through occupation.



To promote and setting up the ideal standards of Occupational Therapy Education Research and practicing Occupational Therapy in a place where challenges are as great as the rewards in the professional aspirant in the institution thereby a route to fulfill the vision of the University.


  • To promote evidence based Occupational Therapy practice and guide towards research to create awareness and provide quality services to the society.


  • To update and sharing of existing and new knowledge in the field of Occupational Therapy and providing equal opportunity for the faculty to update.


  • During the BOT degree, one can gain a comprehensive knowledge of Occupational therapy,
    including areas such as Paediatrics, Neurology, Mental Health, Orthopaedics , Ergonomics and Geriatric health care.

  • The Bachelor of Occupational therapy incorporates significant clinical and professional training opportunities, providing hands-on experience with real patients in a supervised


  • Students will have the ability to effectively work with patients and other Clients with
    respect to the care of individuals, specific groups, communities or populations

  • Students will have the Demonstrated skills that support lifelong learning in personal
    and professional development


  • One can apply a distinct body of knowledge, skills and attitudes, incorporating ethical
    action, to improve the health and well-being of patients & other Clients.

  • Student can demonstrate excellent verbal and non-verbal communication skills to build
    effective partnerships and establish rapport with patients, care givers, health professionals,
    other sectors and stakeholders.

Medicine adds days to life. OT adds Life to days​

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