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It is important to portray a professional image. A clinician with inappropriate dress, grooming or conduct can damage the patient's confidence in the quality of their care, sometimes even resulting in a delay in the restoration of health.


Haircuts, hairstyling, and personal grooming need to be neat, conservative and inconspicuous. Grooming and style should be practical and allow one's duties to be performed without embarrassment or inconvenience




  • Uniform wear is appropriate on campus and in class.


  • Clinical /Lab Dress: Aprons for all clinical assignments, any class that is held in a clinical facility and in any class where patients are present.



  1. A candidate is required to attend a minimum of 80 percent of the total classes conducted in a semester in all subjects prescribed for that semester, separately, in theory, practical and clinical to become eligible to appear for the university examination in the first attempt.

  2. A candidate lacking in the prescribed attendance in any one or more subjects in theory and practical shall not be permitted for appearing for examinations for that particular Subject. However the candidate cannot progress to the next semester and will be detained in the same semester until he/she fulfills the required attendance percentage by attending classes during the extension/detention period in the said subject(s) and passes the examination.

  3. The Subject in which he/she detained from writing the examination for lack of attendance shall not be treated as a failed subject(s) and will not be permitted to carry over the said subject(s) to the next semester of study.

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