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OT Month Celebration - Day 2

Owing to the World Occupational Therapy Day and OT India month, Saveetha College of Occupational Therapy has celebrated.

SCOT has taken up an initiative to "NUTURE NATURE" by planting saplings and cleaning the campus as well as to create an awareness of cleanliness and hygiene in our environment(GO GREEN,GO CLEAN).

Our Vice Chancellor Dr.Rakesh Kumar Sharma (SIMATS) was kind enough to start off this good deed by planting the very first sapling with the encouraging message "One student One tree".

Nothing bring people together like good food!! and yes the students of SCOT had made many varieties of food stalls and as the saying "A work of art dies not" , we had various art stalls over there and many interesting gaming stalls in the campus of Saveetha University. We also thank all the students from other departments for your presence and made our event possible.

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