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CME on Multidisciplinary Approach Key for Successful Neuro Rehabilitation

Updated: Sep 25, 2019

College of Occupational Therapy organized a CME in collaboration with JH Rehabilitation on "Multidisciplinary Approach key for successful Neuro Rehabilitation" at Saveetha Medical College on 21st September 2019. The Co-founder of JH Rehabilitation, Dr.Ignatius Jacob, MBBS,MD, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Radhika Subramanian, Occupational Therapist, Sweatha Rameshbabu, Occupational Therapist and Selvam Ramamoorthy, Medical Social Worker are the speakers of the event. Through this lecture students gained knowledge on Rehabilitation, procedure to approach a patient and handle them as a therapists, role of a social worker in Rehabilitation, and the various Multidisciplinary teams(MDT) and their role in treating the patients.

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